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Headshot of Dr. Christopher Law

Christopher provides business consulting and on-the-job support for data analytics and process development for  Global Industries.  He delivers one-on-one Executive Leader Mentorship to multiple global manufacturing, engineering, plastics, biotechnology, industrial materials management, and transportation professionals. Additionally, he has delivered support for International Law Enforcement Agents, the United States Military, and Professional Athletic Teams.

Christopher holds a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees in Education and Executive Leadership, as well as certifications in project management and adult curriculum development.  Christopher is experienced in process development/management, data analytics, data visualization design, team dynamics development executive leadership development, and English language development. Christopher takes pride in using a soft skills approach to working with clients that have extensive experience within their industries, but need a "private boost in skills" behind the scenes on occasion.

Christopher is located in the Charlotte, NC region. He works with leaders and teams across the United States, Canada, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, and Japan.  Additionally, Christopher teaches graduate and doctoral leadership and analytics courses at the University level. 

In his personal life, Christopher also volunteers, serving the homeless community in Charlotte.  He enjoys being outside in nature, as well as reading a good book and always learning something new.

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